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We are a community-first chiropractic headed by Anthony A. DeCarlo. Leveraging scientifically proven methodologies, we seek to address the root causes of low back pain, neck pain, and similar conditions in our patients. Beyond this, we believe it is our mission to promote a healthy lifestyle in our community of London, KY by offering holistic wellness advice and plans that positively impact our local citizens.


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Anthony A. DeCarlo D.C

Dr. Anthony A. DeCarlo, D.C.


Why Rehabilitation?
The muscles, bones and joints all work together to form a strong and smooth running system that allows a person to work and play hard. That is the way it was designed.
The bones are the scaffolding that holds you in any given position you can get into; standing, squatting, kneeling. They also support the actions you make; running, jumping, summersaults, and handsprings. To play the games you like to play; football, baseball, ballet, swimming.
The bones have joints to allow different directions of motion that are needed for these different actions you need for them to perform.

Then muscles support the bones and joints and move them through all of their motions.
When the bones, muscles and joints are working well together there is minimal wear and tear. When they are not, there is much more of an uneven use and high wear and tear. Normal low wear and tear can change to an increased pain causing level due to small daily injuries; falling on ice, spending too much time in the garden, picking up your children, moving a couch to vacuum under it. Or more traumatic injuries like automobile collisions, weekend or high school sports can also cause this to happen.

To treat pain from small or bigger injuries all three parts of the functional system have to be treated.

Because this is true, an understanding of how they all work together to function in harmony is necessary. That is why, in one of the pictures on my sight, you will see all the certifications and a Diplomate in further study’s I attained after graduating Chiropractic College. They are in addition to all the great training that is received by every chiropractor that works in our country.
I have been in practice since 1992. In that time I have treated thousands of people, helping them regain lost function due to new and old injuries. I look forward to be in practice long enough to see thousands more.

Dr. Anthony DeCarlo at Laurel County Chiropractic has been in practice since 1992. He has treated thousands of people, helping them regain lost function due to new and old injuries. Laurel County Chiropractic is located in the London Shopping Center. Call us today at 606-864-3595 to make an appointment.